“What CLEARBOX offers is the enablement of decision decentralization, agility, speed, transformation, engagement, without losing control/coordination… more control, actually. Every CEOs dream!”

Johan Aurik

Managing Partner and Chairman Emeritus, Kearney
Author of the Future of Strategy (McGraw-Hill, 2015) and Rebuilding the Corporate Genome (John Wiley & Sons, 2002). In 2013, he was named one of the top 25 consultants by Consulting magazine.

We’ve built a platform
to make better business decisions.

Think of us as a “salesforce” for enterprise decision making. We’re an enterprise system of record for decision management. We help structure, track, collaborate, learn from and improve on decision making across the business.

Why does it matter? According to a study by Bain & Co., “An organization’s decision abilities determine its performance. Companies that make better decisions, make them faster and translate them into action more effectively nearly always outrun their competitors.”

Your data isn’t broken,
Your decisions are.

Each year, companies invest billions of dollars on data, analytic and research capabilities– but are they garnering better business outcomes? If not, it may be due to a broken decision making process – we’re here to fix that.

Data to Decision Disconnect

Over the past several decades, our data and analytic capabilities have matured by leaps and bounds – but have business outcomes improved? In a recent survey, upwards of 60% of data and analytic investments are wasted each year. This is because decision makers don’t incorporate these inputs into their decisions. The best information is useless if it isn’t incorporated in your decision making process.

Lack of Learning

Ask a decision maker in your organization – what was your decision success rate? Then ask them, how did you make those decisions (inputs and process). We asked executives and they said 35% were “good” / “great” decisions and only 15% could tell us how they made those decisions. You can’t improve your decision outcomes if you don’t shine a light on the process and learn from them.

Our Solution


The CLEARBOX decision platform helps you improve your business outcomes by shining a light on your decision inputs, and process. Our platform helps you frame your decision, collaborate with colleagues, track your decision outcomes and disseminate best practices across the organization.

CLEARBOX is designed for enterprise use with best-in-class security, Slack / Microsoft Teams integrations and can be deployed to teams of five to five thousand.

Better Decisions, Better Outcomes

Companies that “pro-actively” work to shine a light on their decision process, learn and improve on their decision making gain a clear competitive advantage


Total Revenue Growth*

Up to 60% improvement on return on analytics investment


Total EBT growth*

Build institutional Knowledge

From 28 hrs to 7 hrs

Improved speed to decision

*Source: Bain global retooling survey

Decision Training

Our experts train leading fortune 500 companies on transforming their decision-making processes.

Decision Practices Training for Leaders

Decision making is a critical skill for leaders at every level of your organization. Yet most leaders aren’t taught proven practices that make the decision process more effective. Organizations fall short of their potential without a shared understanding and systematic approach for addressing common decision problems.

Our decision practices training for leaders sharpens skills to close those gaps:

  • Improve collective understanding of key practices from framing decisions and gathering input to communicating decisions and measuring results.
  • Develop organizational capabilities and decision practices that lead to better business results, increased innovation and employee engagement.
  • Get hands on practice applying Cloverpop’s scientifically proven decision practices to real decisions.

Topics Covered

Built on unique behavioral research spanning a thousand companies and tens of thousands of business decisions, our training topics include:

  • Understanding why decisions drive 95% of business performance.
  • Using our Harvard Business Review checklist for faster, better decisions.
  • Framing decisions and gathering input to counter cognitive biases.
  • Buy-in, constructive dissent and communicating decisions that stick.

Tailored to Fit

We customize our training modules fit your organization’s needs by using our Decision Practices Diagnostic to benchmark where you excel and focus where skills development is most needed.

Ready to improve decision practices at your company?

Let’s get started

The Leadership Team

Seasoned team of decision advisory and enterprise software veterans

Eugene Roytburg, PhD
CEO, Co-Founder
Lanny Roytburg
Chief Commercial Officer, President, Co-Founder
Erik Larson
Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder
Roger Graves
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Kussul, PhD
Head of Ai, Kiev Office Lead

The Advisory Team

Johan Aurik
Board of Directors
Peter Klein
Advisory Board
Gillis Jonk
Advisory Board
Vineet Mehra
Advisory Board
Monica Lopez
Advisory Board
Elyse Kane
Advisory Board
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